During your tour you will discover the Somme battlefields of July 1916. Starting from Albert - town entirely reconstructed - you will see a big mine hole, the remainings of a windmill and a German Blockhaus, former trenches and the biggest memorial for the First World War.

3-4 h 

Albert, La Boisselle, Pozières, Beaumont-Hamel, Thiepval

You should spend your extra-time to include an unknown mine-hole, the grave of war poet Harry Fellows, a surviving tree and a red dragon. At the end of the tour meet a famous German pilot of the Great War.

4 h 

Beaumont, Contalmaison, Longueval, Mametz, Fricourt

If you are looking for a restaurant:

Taverne du Cochon Salé

29, rue d'Albert

80300 Authuille



Auberge de la Vallée d'Ancre

6, rue du moulin

80300 Authuille