War poets

There is no better way to describe a place devastated by the battles of the First World World War than to pronounce the words of the soldiers who saw the destruction. Listen to their words, their memories and their transcription and you will understand what you cannot see anymore. This tour connects the memorials to the voices of some of the following poets:


Somme North: Wilfred Owen, Thomas Kettle, Edmund Blunden, J. R. R. Tolkien and also Xavier Hanotte and Eric Bogle


Somme Center: Victor Ratcliffe, Ernst Jünger, Thomas Kettle, Siegfried Sassoon, Francis Clere Hitchcock, Noel Hodgson, Harry Fellows and Owen Sheers


Somme South: Alan Seeger, Goerges Duhamel, Alfred Lichtenstein, Gustav Sack and also Louis Delluc


Artois: Siegfried Sassoon, Blaise Cendrars, Henri Barbusse, Ernst Jünger, Edlfe Köppen, Louis Barthas


3-8 hours

Insight the church in Guillemont
Insight the church in Guillemont

See an example of an educational film project co-created by Julia during the Centenary talking about war poets and their poems